A Level Chemistry LabSkills

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The Royal Society of Chemistry

Over 150 interactive resources! Everything you need to prepare students for practical classes and assessments. A life-long resource for use across the department.

Turn taps, push buttons, vary reaction conditions, enter data, assemble equipment, optimise experiments and perform calculations - VIRTUALLY!

  • Unique interactive technology
  • Memorable revision and exam practice
  • ‘Active learning’ improves exam recall
  • Focused effort for maximum results
  • Avoid common mistakes and pick up extra marks

LabSkills’ unique interactivity and built-in feedback helps you practise skills and quickly increase your confidence in experimental chemistry. The simulations, exercises and exam practice questions instantly respond to the decisions you make and clearly guide you through every step with invaluable feedback on how to improve your performance.


Fourteen self-contained modules covering all of the main lab techniques commonly used at this level. Each module contains a mix of simulations, videos, safety resources and multiple choice tests.

Preparation and purification Quantitative analysis
Reflux Titration
Recrystallisation Titration curves
Filtration Collection of a gas
Distillation Enthalpy change of combustion
Solvent extraction Enthalpy change in solution
Melting point Colorimetry
Thin layer chromatography Electrochemical cells

Sixteen additional modules consider core laboratory competencies covering basic skills, lab calculations, and chemical tests. Each module contains structured questions with hints and feedback and multiple choice tests.

Tests and Observations Basic skills
Tests for inorganic compounds Weights and measures
Tests for organic compounds Preparing solutions
Filtration Collection of a gas
Transition metal compounds Heating
Lab calculations Instrumental techniques
Stoichiometry and yield Mass spectrometry
Quantities and concentration IR spectroscopy
Errors and significant figures NMR spectroscopy
Reaction rates GC analysis
Equilibrium constants HPLC analysis

Twenty widely performed experiments covering preparative, qualitative and quantitative practicals common to most exam boards. (These support teachers’ own practical scripts.)

Oxidation of alcohols Enthalpy of hydration (Hess’s Law)
Enthalpy change of neutralisation Multi-stage synthesis – aspirin
Enthalpy change of combustion Preparation of an ester
Preparation of an alkene Hydrolysis of an ester
Preparation of an organic acid Nitration of an aromatic
Preparation of a halogenoalkane Preparation of chrome alum
Acid / base titration Iron (II) / permanganate titration
RMM of a volatile liquid Reaction of iodine and propanone
Iodine / thiosulfate titration Iodine clock
Identification of an unknown Investigating reaction equilibria
  • Simplifies lesson planning
  • Integrates seamlessly with class activities
  • Matches curriculum requirements
  • Stretches and supports students of all abilities
  • Motivates the class with responsive activities
  • Rapidly builds skills and confidence

Quickly bring students up to speed with the challenging workload required at this level. Ideal for mixed ability classes and for catching up on missed lessons and revising topics that cannot be repeated.

AS / A Level Chemistry LabSkills
USB Student Edition

Over 70 animated activities covering all you need to quickly master commonly examined lab techniques and calculations on an ultra portable USB memory stick.

Simply plug in for immediate use on any Windows PC, laptop or interactive whiteboard to support lab introductions, lesson summaries and group discussion.

What extra features are included in the Network Edition compared to the USB Student Edition?
  • Interactive Instrumental Techniques section covering IR, Mass Spec, NMR, GC and HPLC
  • 20 guides to commonly performed experiments
  • 13 explorative safety guides for common techniques
  • 9 video demonstrations showing the important stages of key techniques
  • 50 multiple choice tests
  • Maximise screen option for display on interactive whiteboards