A Level Biology LabSkills

“Students show up fully prepared”

Biology teacher

Over 100 interactive resources! Everything you need to prepare students for practical classes and assessments. A life-long resource for use across the department.

Turn taps, push buttons, take measurements, record data, assemble equipment, optimise experiments and perform calculations - VIRTUALLY!

  • Unique interactive technology
  • Memorable way to practise practical skills
  • ‘Active learning’ improves exam recall
  • Focused effort for maximum results
  • Avoid common mistakes and pick up extra marks

LabSkills’ unique interactivity and built-in feedback helps you practise skills and quickly increase your confidence in experimental biology. The simulations and exercises instantly respond to the decisions you make and clearly guide you through every step with invaluable feedback on how to improve your performance.


Fifteen self-contained modules covering all of the main lab techniques commonly used at this level. Each module contains a mix of simulations, videos, safety resources and multiple choice tests.

Microscopy Biological techniques Biochemical techniques
Preparing microscope slides Potometry Food tests
Viewing microscope slides Respirometry Chromatography
Measuring structures Spirometry Colorimetry
Drawing from microscope Sampling in the field Centrifugation
Counting cells   Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Thirteen additional modules consider core laboratory competencies covering basic skills, numeracy, and analysing data. These modules contain a mixture of safety information, videos, interactive resources and multiple choice tests.

Basic laboratory skills Recording and analysing data
Weighing Units of measurement
Measuring volumes Identifying variables
Diluting solutions Accuracy and precision
Heating Constructing results tables
Cooling Mathematical concepts
pH and buffers Plotting graphs
  • Simplifies lesson planning
  • Integrates seamlessly with class activities
  • Matches curriculum requirements
  • Stretches and supports students of all abilities
  • Motivates the class with responsive activities
  • Rapidly builds skills and confidence

Quickly bring students up to speed with the challenging workload required at this level. Ideal for mixed ability classes and for catching up on missed lessons and revising topics that cannot be repeated.