Transform your lab class with innovative, curriculum-focused e-learning activities that are popular, dynamic and easy to use

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Engage your students with the latest and most advanced learning technologies

A Level LabSkills instantly enhances coursework with responsive e-learning resources which students value highly and enjoy using at school and home.

LabSkills installs quickly and easily on any network or VLE. The resources integrate seamlessly with schemes of work and teachers can set tasks with confidence knowing that students are getting excellent practice with lots of feedback and support.

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Save time and provide the best opportunities to practice and learn

LabSkills takes the hard work out of lesson planning and resource preparation. The simulations, videos, tests, and exam-style questions work equally well for whole class, group or independent study and are ideal for coursework, homework, revision and exam practice.

Students learn quickly, gain confidence and perform better using practice activities that match curriculum requirements.

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Help students of all abilities succeed

LabSkills doesn’t assume prior knowledge of the subjects covered. It quickly brings students up to speed with the challenging workload required at this level and is ideal for catching up on missed lessons and revising topics that cannot be repeated in class. The guided activities prompt high levels of interaction and deliver responsive feedback which benefits, stretches and supports students of all abilities.

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"We used LabSkills in preparation for a coursework assessment involving titration and all students found it easy to follow through the materials and complete the test at the end. As a result of this more focused intervention strategy all students were able to score highly on the assessment and unlike previous years none will have to repeat the ordeal."

Alan Francis, Head of Chemistry
Gordano School, North Somerset